La Roche-Posay counter display
Simple display looking very elegant thanks to its clear, geometric shape and white-coloured surface. Intended for additional promotion of your product and increasing its visibility. It is made of polypropylene and acrylic glass.
La Roche-Posay display
Self-standing display like this, made of polystyrene, polycarbonate and plasticized metal, enhances the visibility of your brand with its plane and strong communication towards customers. It is also cost-effective and easy to produce.
Vichy stand
Clear and sharp lines of this stand are developed to highlight the elegance of Vichy brand. Place on the top enables you to efficently expose and promote your products. It is made of polycarbonate, plastified metal and direct UV printed graphics.
Maybelline self-standing display
Display is made of PET and plasticised metal and enables you to neatly organize large quantity of different products, in order to make it easy for customers to find the wanted one.
Nivea display
Nivea self-standing display uses blue and white colour in order to reflect brands values and maintain products recognition. Additional advertising space at the top allows you to directly communicate to your clients in a desired way.
Maybelline display
High quality performance and sophisticated colours show off the elegance of the Maybelline brand. Products are well organized, which makes this stand easy to navigate. There is also additional advertising space included.
Nivea display
Stand is developed for special occasion of 100 years od Nivea company. It is definitely memorable and impressive as well as the history of the company. With its appearance it conveys a strong message of importance.
LOréal Paris promo stand
Multifunctional stand intended for promoting at fairs, exhibitions and similar events. Along with area for testing and promoting products, there is advertising stand and sitting space, while modular floor enables you to easily assemble the stand.


Everything you need we can make. Small, big, large, simple or complicated, any materials, just ask. Your desires are our challenges.

Increase your sales by increasing your visibility! With appealing shiny surfaces, elegant colours and glamourous lights we will make your products desireable.

Strong, clear and effective visual communication will make your counter-top displays, hanging elements, freestanding displays and other POS materials pop-up.