Digital Display
DaShef digital display
Interactive display totem like this is a digital menu for restaurants, bars and hotels designed in order to change the way HoReCa operates in relation to the customers. It has a built-in tablet and can be used for outdoor or indoor use.
Digital information display
Simply and functionally designed digital information desk, made of lacquered MDF. Built-in tablet makes it interactive, and slim shape with shiny black surfaces makes it elegant. It can be used for both, indoor and outdoor use.
Coca Cola digital display
Digital display totem intended for advertising your products, news, latest offers or simply playing advertisements. It can also be utilised as a digital menu. It is stylishly designed and can be used both, for indoor or outdoor promotion.
Heinken 3D mirror
3D mirror with LED lights that seem to multiply creates an outstanding effect. It gives a magical illusion that gives perception of great depth to a very thin mirror array, as if it is an infinity mirror.
Smart table
A table with a huge interactive screen which allows you to manage the content in a way you want it - move it, rotate, open, close or scale. It can be used as an innovative tool for learning, having fun or conveying the wanted massage.

Digital Display

One picture is better than 1000 words. One moving picture is better than 10 000 words.

All creativity and technlological  capabilities are presented in this segment of products. How do you combine objects at the point of sale, electronics and the user? By joining knowledge with electronic components.

Our job consists of binding experiences gained through using applications, designers' interactive systems, user-connected sensors and a series of various electronic elements such as screens.