Information desk
Straight lines and geometric forms give this product a modern look while smooth, shiny surfaces make it elegant. It is made of lacquered MDF and used as information desk.
Samsung display
Display made for in-store promotion of your products, with place to put graphics and desired information about products, and LED lights at the top and bottom of display that draw attention to it.
LG shop in shop
Completely designed selling space for LG to promote its products in a store. It has LED lights included to enhance its visibility and enough space to dispose your products in the desired way.
PS4 display
Presentation display for PS4, made of plasticized metal, plexiglass and LED lights built-in. It has contemporary look and thus reflects the values of the technology it promotes.
Canon display
Canon promotional display that can be put anywhere in the store, like an island. It is compact and made of lacquered MDF, with the screens at the top of it.
Apple display
Display is developed for presentation of Apples technological achievements and devices. Simplicity and elegance of display reflect those values in Apples products. It is made of lacquered high quality MDF.
Apple display
Display for presenting Apples products, made of lacquered MDF with printed graphics of your choice. True example of simple, yet functional design.
Apple display system
Elegant and simple, just as new iPhone6, this display system with different display sizes enables you to equip the complete store. It is made of lacquered MDF and PET with direct UV printed graphics.
Samsung display
Display for exposing Samsungs products in a store. Separations enable clear categorization of products, and printed graphics at the top gives you detailed specification. It is made of lacquered MDF and polycarbonate.


Digital, wireless technology and electronics are in constant progress. We follow day-by-day and anticipate, offering you and making your brand pioneer in the new technologies.

We are constantly combining different technologies to improve ways of selling and ensure you receive nothing but functional, durable and high-quality solutions.

Fulfilling our high standards and using latest technologies keeps our products modern and up-to-date. Various lightning and digital displays atttract customers' attention and highhlight the visibility of your brand.