Transparent hygienic visor
Materials - PET-G 0,8 mm thick - foamed PVC (forex) - foamed rubber - fixing rubber - tension adjustment buckle. Replacebable visor. Low weight - 100 g.
Heinken 3D mirror
3D mirror with LED lights that seem to multiply creates an outstanding effect. It gives a magical illusion that gives perception of great depth to a very thin mirror array, as if it is an infinity mirror.
Ronhill cigarette presenter
Cigarette presenter with LED lighting and one specialty - it is spinning around! This gives the product the opportunity to be seen from all sides and all angles without moving the presenter or yourself.
Marlboro gift box
A box used as a sophisticated way of presenting a product as well as a classy gift. Besides LED lighting, it has a light sensor built-in and triggered by opening the box.
Cigarette presenter
Straight lines, clean geometric shapes and shiny smooth surfaces with LED lighting built-in make this product elegant and modern. Its additional value is an electric open-close system that is activated by the touch sensor.
Marlboro  cigarette presenter
Cigarette dispenser with enough place to store the cigarettes and LED lights in front that accentuate the product. With its style it reflects elegance and excellence of the product it represents.
Heineken bar
Bar with integrated LED lighting and matching stools made of thermoformed plastics. It shows off the incredible possibilities and impressive shapes that can be done with mentioned technology.
Smart table
A table with a huge interactive screen which allows you to manage the content in a way you want it - move it, rotate, open, close or scale. It can be used as an innovative tool for learning, having fun or conveying the wanted massage.
Dunhill window frame
Window frame for displaying cigarettes made of metal, polycarbonate, acrylic glass and foils with printed graphics along with LED lights that further emphasize the product. This is the way to further extend your promotion even after working hours.


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